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There’s an old adage in real estate that you know when you’ve really “made it” when you no longer “have” to work with buyers. I have never understood that. For one thing, working with buyers forces you to get out and actually walk through homes in a variety of neighborhoods, styles, and price ranges; all of which (IMO) adds tremendous value to conversations with sellers.

I often incorporate my partner Rick Ward to find the right home for my clients. His knowledge, not only as a broker, but as a home builder, can often provide a perspective other brokers don’t have in their arsenal.

More than anything, I just think working with buyers is FUN! It feels to me like being a matchmaker, and there is a bit of a feeling of euphoria every single time it clicks that we’ve snagged “the one”, whether it be an elusive architectural gem that took years to find; or finally prevailing in this competitive Seattle area market.

There is an intimacy to the process that I find deeply fulfilling.

And, as with sellers, a depth and breadth of market knowledge (from hundreds of transactions) comes in quite handy when guiding each buyer’s journey. Reach out to me now, and let’s start your search today.


Selling a home is often (usually!) fraught with emotion. Even if the reason generating the sale is exciting, there is always a fair amount of fear and anxiety surrounding the process. Often, the reasons spurring a conversation about selling are difficult and painful. I don’t think in terms of real estate transactions. I never forget that my clients are people who are choosing to sell their homes, and I see my role as a trusted professional who is part of their team—chosen to take point in guiding them through a big life moment with very real financial ramifications. No pressure or anything...

Even after 21 years and hundreds of homes listed and sold, I feel humbled every single time I’m selected as the “team leader.”

Taking the time to understand the people behind the transaction helps inform my guidance, from our first meeting all the way to the closing of the sale. Marketing a home for sale is not a one-size-fits-all proposition—not by a long shot! What to do (or not do) in terms of home-prep, when to try to hit the market, pricing and offer-review strategy…these are extremely nuanced conversations that I have with each and every homeowner. After all…letting go of a home where you’ve prepared 30-plus holiday meals is a very different process than is selling the townhome you’ve owned for 3 years because your household is expanding. My marketing team is highly effective and we build the right plan for the best result.

Weaving throughout all of this is a depth and breadth of real estate market knowledge honed over many years of boom and bust cycles and everything in-between. I’ve seen a lot in over 20 years in the market and I’d love to pair my knowledge gained to your personal sale.


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